Intra School Sports Competition 2020/21

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For the new School Year 2020/21 we have 8 brand new house captains from year 6 as well as four new names for our house teams based on some of the best British Sports Men and Women. Watch the video to see our new teams!

Current Standings

Intra School Autumn 1

It was the first time for the teams competed in their new house Teams: Rashford, Stokes, Asher-Smith, Houghton. We are also going to be working on a different School Games Value, starting with Honesty. Year 3-6 all showed off their athletics skills they had worked on during the term in running throwing and jumping comepetitions. Year one and two competed in a skills carousel to be crowned the winners.

Intra School Autumn 2

On the run up to Christmas we had a Wimbledon style competition in Year 3 and 4 after an half term working hard on tennis skills. In Year 5 the sport was handball while in year 6 lacrosse was the focus. Year One and Two once again took on a skill circuit, this time working on Athletics. As well as this we once again worked on a School Games Value, this time rewarding children for showing honesty

Intra School Spring 1

After a half term off due to school closure the Intra School Competition we were back and with a brand new format. Across year 3-6 children competed in Netball, Football, Tag Rugby and Handball but instead of scoring by the result the competition was decided by the School Games Spirit of the Games scorecard, rewarding chidlren for showing School Games Values and self scoring. This led to not just great sportsmanship but also high quality competition. We once again focused on one School Games value for our special badges to be given out, this time looking at determination.