Care Clubs

For children from the age of 4 to 11 (Reception to Year 6)


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Breakfast Club 

Please click here to download the breakfast club booking form.

The Breakfast Club provides a safe and stimulating environment for your child between the hours of 07:45 and 08:50.

We offer a range of cereals, toast, crumpets, teacakes, potato cakes, water, milk and a selection of fruits.

Children attending the Breakfast Club also have access to a range of physically and mentally stimulating activities along with a selection of play equipment.

If you wish to secure your child’s place, please complete both the “Booking Form” and “Fees Agreement Form” available from the main office.

Breakfast Club, does not currently have a waiting list, and pupils can attend as and when required. However, we do require a signed “Fees Agreement Form” for all pupils attending.

The fee for Breakfast Club is £3.00 per session.

After School Club 

The After School Club provides high quality childcare at the end of the school day from 15:15 – 17:30 .

This is a safe secure environment where children are cared for by qualified staff that have experience in providing play activities for young children.

We provide a wide range of activities to meet the needs of individual children that include crafts, sports, table top activities and outdoor play.

Children can access the ICT suite, a range of toys, games and play equipment.

Drinks and snacks are provided in line with the schools healthy eating policy.

Please be aware that places are limited and there is currently a waiting list.

If you wish to add your child to this list, please complete both the “Booking Form” and “Fees Agreement Form” available from the main office.

The fee for After School Club is £6.50 per session. (reviewed annually)

Failure to pay these fees will result in your child losing their place.

One weeks written notice is required to cancel a booking, otherwise you will still be charged. If this place is required again in the future, your child will need to be added to the waiting list.

Payment Options 

There are currently 3 payment options available -

Childcare Vouchers.
Parent Mail PMX App.

More information regarding these fees can be found on the “Fees Agreement Form”.

Breakfast Club fees are calculated on an attendance basis.

After School Club fees are due regardless of attendance.

Your fees must be paid promptly in advance and statements will be issued at the start of each term, and all outstanding balances must be paid as soon as possible to continue accessing the club.

Any outstanding fees at the end of each term will be passed to our Debt Department and your child will be removed from the club registers