General Information


This  page enables you to support your child during their time at Greenside.  The information that we have can also be found in the prospectus that your child receives when they start our school.  For more information, or if you have any questions please contact your child's class teacher, or alternatively send an email with your query to our admin staff who will try their best to help you.

School Admissions

Greenside is a part of the Victorious Academies Trust and all admissions are governed by Tameside's admissions policy.

Reception children are admitted to the school in the September of the academic year in which they become five.  Academic years run from September 1st to August 31st.  Entry into our reception classes is staggered during the first three weeks of the school year.  This enables our new children to enjoy a gradual involvement in the big new world of school life.

As a school Greenside works to meet the needs of all our children.  Children who may have alternative or further needs than the majority of children who attend Greenside, enter our school when we are able to meet and maintain identified needs through the provision of existing or further resources.

Sex Education
We base our school's sex education policy on the DfES guidance document sex and relationship education guidance (ref DfES 0116/2000).  In this document, sex education is defined as 'learning about physical, moral and emotional development.  It is about understanding the importance of marriage for family life, stable and loving relationships, respect, love and care. It is also about the teaching of sex, sexuality and sexual health'.  Sex education is part of the personal, social and health education curriculum in our school.  While we use sex education to inform children about sexual issues, we do this with regard to matters of morality and individual responsibility, and in a way that allows children to ask and explore moral questions. We do not use sex education as a means of promoting any form of sexual orientation.

Religious Education

Greenside provides teaching of religious education for all pupils in accordance with the agreed Tameside Syllabus. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from Religious Education lessons. If you wish to discuss this please make an appointment to speak to the Headteacher.

Reporting Illness
If your child is ill or cannot attend school for any reasons, please telephone after 9:00am and send a letter signed by you on your child's return. If your child has to go out of school, to attend the doctor or the dentist etc during school time please send a note and collect your child personally. Also, please let us know if your child will be in school across the lunch period on that day.  No child is allowed to leave the premises unaccompanied during the school day and the signing in and out book at reception should be completed when a child is collected.

Reasons for absences are noted and provide information for our Attendance Officer and Education Welfare Officer, who are responsible for monitoring attendance and punctuality in school.  

  Leave of Absence
Due to changes in Department of Education Legislation schools are no longer permitted to authorise leave of absence during term time except for exceptional circumstances. 

Please click for information regarding penalty_notices for Non School Attendance_letter.docx

School Uniform
Boys  - Grey trousers, school fleece or sweatshirt, school polo shirt, grey socks, sensible black shoes.
Girls - Grey skirt, pinafore dress or trousers, school fleece or sweatshirt, school polo shirt, white or grey socks or tights, sensible black shoes.

All children should also be provided with appropriate outdoor clothing which is appropriate to the weather conditions.

In order to be prepared for PE lessons children should also be provided with the following :-
1) Pumps or trainers for outdoor PE.
2) A change of shorts and T-shirt for indoor PE lessons. Tracksuit pants, T-shirt and jumper (no hoodies) are suitable for outdoor PE in colder weather.
3) Year 4 will also need swimming kit including a towel, trunks for boys and a one piece swimming costume and swimming hat for girls.
4) A bag to store their PE kit inside.

All items of uniform MUST be labelled to avoid problems of lost property. Lost property bins are located by the exit doors in both phases.

Health Visits

The School Nurse and Dental Officer occasionally visit the school. They will get in touch with you if they feel that your child requires any special medical care. The school nurse no longer inspects all of the children for the possibility of head lice. The responsibility for this issue lies with the parents who must regularly inspect the child's hair. School frequently issues guidance and support in this areas.  

Staff cannot take responsibility for administering medicines to children. Special individual circumstances can be discussed and negotiated with the head or deputy head teacher. Any medicines must also be taken to the office, not left in the care of the child.

Your Child's Safety
Obviously, the children's safety concerns us all. Below are some simple pieces of advice that will hopefully help to ensure that your children stay safe on their way to and from school.
- You child will be safe if you accompany him/her to and from school each day.
- Plan the safest route to school and teach it to your child.
- Teach your child the green cross code, to use pedestrian crossings and to obey crossing patrols.  Older children tend not to use these crossing patrols, but instead cross further down the road after they have finished chatting with friends. Our crossing patrol can only support those children who want to be helped.
- Send your child to school promptly on time and ensure a prompt return.
- We constantly teach our children about the concept of 'stranger danger' and we advise them that if they are nervous or scared on their way home they can return to school and find an adult that they know who will immediately help them.
- Occasionally parents collecting children can get caught in traffic jams or buses can be delayed.  If this happens please phone school to let us know. We can quickly make alternative arrangements and we have no problems supporting a parent or family experiencing genuine difficulties.

Your Child's Welfare
If at any time you have an anxiety about your child's welfare or education, please have a word with your child's class teacher and arrange appropriate times to discuss your worries. Teachers are not instantly available to talk to parents at a time when they are responsible for a full class of children. If you wish to see the headteacher please telephone or email school in order to arrange an appointment.  We can then arrange to give you the time that both you and your child deserve.

School Property
If your child brings anything home from schol which belongs to school, please return it as soon as possible. Your child will also be bringing home reading books and books that they have checked out from the library. Please help your child to look after these items as they can be rather expensive and difficult to replace. 


Toys are to be left at home! Toys can get lost or broken when they are brought into school and this can cause upset and conflict.


The only jewellery acceptable in school are studs in pierced ears and sensible watches.  Jewellery in school never becomes the responsibility of the class teacher and if removed for a PE or Swimming lesson it must be removed by the child.  Swimming teachers at Medlock Baths insist that all jewellery is removed prior to lessons, or covered by a sticking plaster from home.  When jewellery is removed for a lesson, it remains the responsibility of the child and not the teacher.

Dinner Time
During dinner time we want all of our children to enjoy a social occasion within a secure environment.  In order to establish and maintain a calm atmosphere we have developed a lunch time policy which can be viewed here.

In order to support these expectations we operate a 3 letter system for children experiencing behavioural difficulties during the lunch period.  This is further explained here.

We recognise that bullying is an issue in all schools and that it is a national concern.  At Greenside we do not tolerate bullying of any form. We recognise that verbal, physical and emotional bullying occurs in all schools and we work hard with children, parents and families to investigate and support issues of concern.

Greenside has an established track record of investigating and supporting children and families. This does not mean that bullying does not occur in our school.

To reduce bullying at Greenside we encourage children to ;
     - Tell a teacher or friend that they can trust. A problem becomes smaller if it is shared.
     - Walk away from issues when you can. It's hard to bully someone who won't stand still.
     - Stay with a crowd.  Try not to be on your own at times you don't feel safe.
     - Know and avoid the danger areas.  
     - Keep a record of what is happening.
     - Don't be embarrased to ask for help.  We all need it sometimes.
     - Try to support other victims.
     - Tell parents or carers and share this information with school.  

When children share information about bullying we stress that we believe the information we are being given and that we will investigate the issue fully. We take the same stance when an issue is reported to us by an adult.

When we have investigated a bullying issue we will work with both the bully and the victim to resolve the issue.  While we are working with a family we ask children and adults to work closely with us and realise that ongoing problems may take time to resolve.

In supporting the victim we will ensure that we develop a sensitive understanding of the issues concerned prior to taking actions that could otherwise make the situation worse.

In investigating issues associated with bullying we must accept that there will be times when an assumption of bullying is incorrect and that other issues are the significant concern. Thus a child who is unhappy coming to school may be distressed due to:
     - General family circumstances / issues.
     - Occasionally a young child who has just gained a new baby brother or sister naturally wants to stay at home to share this new experience.
     - Inappropriate physical interactions that are not identified as 'bullying'.
     - A breakdown within friendship groups.
     - A breakdown in community or neighbourhood relationships.
     - Tiredness due to poor bedtime routines.
     - Poor attendance routines.
     - Poor punctuality routines.
     - Poor homework routines.

In such circumstances the need to investigate the issue with careful questioning is very important.

How can a child answer the direct question from a parent, "are you being bullied?" when the answer required is based upon being late for school every day.

Bullying is a complex issue that requires full investigation and understanding. At Greenside we strive to reduce bullying via effective investigation and relationships. We know that this is an important area for children and families.  

If you or your child are concerned about a bullying related issue please contact your child's class teacher in the first instance. If the matter continues to be an issue then members of the senior management team will become involved.

Child Protection
It should be noted that schools have an important part to play in the area of child protection.

Parents should be aware therefore, that where it appears to a member of school staff that a child may be experiencing child protectction related issues, the school is required to report the matter to Tameside Social Services immediately. School will share the nature of general referrals with parents.  

In the case of concerns relating to abuse, school is required to report directly to Social Services without reference to parents or family members.  Consequently, in such situations a Social Worker will contact the parents, not the school.

This requirement now forms part of the Local Authorities procedures for dealing with child abuse.

At Greenside it is Mrs Reynolds (Headteacher) who acts as the school Child Protection Co-ordinator. Mrs Reynolds will be available to discuss any areas of child protection with concerned parents and families.

All school staff regularly receive training in this important area.

  Open Door Policy
Our open door policy is based upon welcoming parents and children to share your lives with us.  The issue of security in school now dictates that the physical door will be shut. Our shared respect and trust easily opens the door with the support of a phone call or letter to arrange an appointment. Our doors are locked to keep danger out.

Governors are pleased to support the very genuine and welcoming open door policy operated by the school. We know that parents use our school as a resource for sharing both school related and family matters with people who care. Parents wanting specific information about teaching or curriculum matters must also contact school to discuss matters in the appropriate detail.

 Equal Opportunities 

It is the policy of the school that equality of opportunity should exist for all pupils regardless of their gender, transgender, ethnicity, culture and religious background, sexuality, disability or special educational needs and ability.

All aspects of curriculum provision shall be available to all pupils.

 School Reports and Parents Evenings
Throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage, staff will use the 'Early Years Foundation Stage Profile' to record and report progress.  This will be shared regularly with parents.

From Year 1 onwards we will use the termly report formats recently negotiated with parents and families, with the intention of presenting a very clear view of school routines, achievement and effort in comparison with national expectations.  To view an example of this report, please click here.