Websites for Children

There are lots of websites out there for children to use to support their work in school and for them to enjoy. These are some of the websites that we suggest. It is however important that you limit the time your child spends online and that you ALWAYS monitor what they are doing.

A great website to practise your times table. You may need to enter the school postcode which is M43 7RA.

Reading Plus really makes a difference for reading speed, accuracy and comprehension. The school site code is rpgreen37

IDL offers targeted support and practise for literacy and numeracy. Usernames will be the child's first name and initial of surname followed by @m437ra

Purple Mash offers a wide range of activities for all areas of the curriculum.

Bite-sized fun by the BBC for Key Stage 1 children on English, Maths and Science.

Bite-sized fun by the BBC for Key Stage 2 children on English, Maths and Science.

A wide range of games and activities for children on all aspects of Maths.

A great Maths website for children of all ages. The children will need their username and login from school to use this website.

A very clever document that links to a number of websites for the children to use as part of their revision. It also includes handy videos to explain things!

A website that has games for English, Maths and Topic. Great fun with lots to do.

Lots of Maths fun to be had by all ages.