Sunflower Class Gallery

Life Skills
Before COVID-19, we used to go swimming on a Wednesday morning but unfortunately, we are unable to do this at the moment, so we decided we would practise some life skills. Each week we are going to learn how to cook a different food. We are then writing the recipe and adding it to our own recipe book.  We will eventually take these home and share our amazing new skills with our families. 

Banana Muffins

Bread Making

Chocolate Brownies


Creating Houses

This term we have been learning about the Great Plague and the Great Fire of London. We learnt about Tudor houses and what the main features were. We then designed and made our own Tudor house.

Recreating the Great Fire of London

After learning about the Great Fire of London we decided we would recreate it using our own Tudor houses. Whilst the houses were burning, we thought about how quickly the real fire would have spread. We also used our sense of smell, sight, and sound to explore the fire. 

Chinese New Year - Food Tasting

Last week we started learning about the Chinese New Year. We found out what zodiac animal we all were, how the animals were chosen and how the event is celebrated. On Thursday we tasted some traditional Chinese food.