We are a Numbers Count School!

What is Numbers Count?  Numbers Count is a programme to improve the mathematical skills of children in Key Stage 1 who find maths challenging.  Over 90,000 children in the UK have taken part since 2008.  The programme is different for every child and it usually lasts about 12 weeks.

How does it help pupils?  Numbers Count sessions focus on improving mathematical skills but will also help pupils to develop ways of learning that will help in all subjects.  If a child is selected for a place on the Numbers Count programme they will receive a 30 minute lesson at least 3 times per week.  The teaching is specially designed and delivered by the Numbers Count Teacher to meet the individual child's needs.  The Numbers Count Teacher will help each child to develop mathematical language and vocabulary.

About the sessions  As part of each session the pupil spends time reflecting on what they have learnt and then agreeing with their Numbers Count Teacher what they need to do to improve.  The Numbers Count sessions build self-confidence and encourage pupils to take an active part in their own learning.  Pupils often use the personal skills developed during their time on the programme in other subject areas.  The sessions are personalised and fun with many of the activities based around games.  Parents are welcome to join the sessions.

Where does the lesson take place?  The lesson takes place in a special Numbers Count area - in the Sparkle Room.  It is highly interactive and practical.  Pupils will still have a daily maths lesson with their teacher, who will work closely with the Numbers Count Teacher.