Year 5 Gallery


In Year 5 we have been listening to and appraising rock songs such as Livin’ On A Prayer by Bon Jovi and We Will Rock You by Queen.  We have enjoyed listening to each song and sharing our thoughts on them.  We have also worked on finding a pulse and copying back a rhythm.

Music - Recorders

During one of our music lessons, we listened to and appraised the piece of music The Three Note Bossa by Ian Gray.  Using the recorder, we then rehearsed playing the tune/head.  This 8 bar melody is made up of a short, ascending phrase played three times. The tune/head is then followed by a ‘rounding off’ phrase.  We enjoyed playing the tune and were impressed with the progress we made in this lesson.

Ancient Greek Pots

This term we have been learning all about Ancient Greece.  We looked at how pottery can give us information about the Ancient Olympic Games.  We then made our own clay pots and put an image on the pots of the Ancient Greek Games.


We have been looking at reversible and irreversible changes.  We looked at what happens when warm milk is mixed with white vinegar.  We found out that the solids you are left with are a new material. This chemical reaction has created a form of plastic called casein plastic.

RE Day Art Work

For our RE celebration day, we focussed on Mary’s journey in the Christmas Story.  After talking about her journey and thinking about our own journeys, we then produced some artwork.  Look at some of our amazing work.