Year 5 Gallery

History and DT - Greek Vases

In topic, we have been learning about the Ancient Greeks and this week, have been designing, creating and painting Greek vases from air-drying clay.

Geography - The World Cup

Today, we celebrated the World Cup by learning all about our chosen country: Argentina! We learned about it’s culture, food, landscape and location in South America, before learning the location of other south American countries and their capitals. We also discussed the issues surrounding the world cup – focusing on human rights and the rights of the LGTBQ+ community.

Science - Thermal Insulators

Our science topic this term is ‘properties and changes of materials’. Today, we conducted an investigation to determine which material made the best insulator to use in a lunch box: fabric, foil, bubble wrap or paper. We found that bubble wrap and foil made the best thermal insulators in our investigation.

Computing - Coding

Throughout Greenside, we have been taking part in coding week by designing, creating and coding our very own Google logos! We used CS First Scratch online to make our designs! Here are some below:

Remembrance Planting

As a school, we have created a Remembrance Garden in memory of the late Queen Elizabeth II. We have planted lots of spring bulbs and a beautiful Queen Elizabeth rose in her memory.

PE - Circuit Training

In PE, we have moved onto circuit training and fitness. We have various stations, where we complete different activities for 3 minutes before moving on. Some of these include shuttle runs, hurdles, sit ups, step ups and tricep dips. We speak about how cardiovascular fitness helps to improve our health, as well as recapping the importance of warm ups, cool downs and stretches.

RE - Diwali

In year 5, we have been recapping the story of Diwali, and how Diya lamps lit the way back home for Rama and Sita. We discussed how Diwali is celebrated, including looking at Rangoli patterns. We used paper plates, as well as our sketching and smudging skills with pastels to create our own patterns!