Year 4 Gallery

PSHE - Children's Mental Health Week

For children's mental health week this year we thought about the theme "lets connect". We entered a competition and designed our own posters showing the ways that we can connect with others to promote a positive mental attitude 

DT and History - Canopic Jars

In topic, we have been learning all about the Ancient Egyptians. We spent some time designing our very own canopic jars and then made our own using clay. We really took our time carving the faces and had so much fun! 

History - Mummification

In our history topic lessons, we mummified a tomato to experience first-hand what it was like to perform mummification. No pharaohs were harmed!

World Cup - 4RO

To celebrate the world cup, 4RO selected the country Portugal to learn about. We came to school dressed in clothes that represent Portugal and created our own fact files with all the information we had found out about this amazing country! 

Computing - Coding

Throughout Greenside, we have been taking part in coding week by designing, creating and coding our very own Google logos! We used CS First Scratch online to make our designs!

World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day, 4RO completed lots of fun activities! We all came dressed as our favourite characters, visited the school library and shared some of our favourite stories and designed our own book covers! 

Spanish - Mi Casa

Our Spanish focus is ‘mi casa’. We’ve practised saying and writing Spanish sentences describing what type of house we live in and where it is. Here is some of our work!

World Cup - 4CD

To celebrate the World Cup, 4CD chose Japan to study. We came to school dressed in Japanese colours, and spent the morning immersing in Japanese culture. We wrote Haikus, painted pictures of cherry blossom, and even tasted sushi!

History - Ancient Egypt

In year 4, we have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. We had a go at writing our own hieroglyphics. We had so much fun doing this and trying to work out what we the letters were!  Hieroglyphics are the symbols the Ancient Egyptians used to write. 5000 years ago, only scribes could use them. Nowadays, Year 4 can also use them. Take a look at our artwork, made on papyrus!