Year 3 Gallery

RE Day

This year, we thought about the Christmas story and how the shepherds and wise men took gifts to the baby Jesus. We considered what we could take too.


The Mayans - Hot Chocolate!

As part of our topic, we made Mayan hot chocolate. We discussed the importance of chocolate to the Mayans. We looked at the main ingredients needed and then used a recipe for Mayan hot chocolate and made this ourselves!


Spanish Colours

We learnt the 4 basic colours in Spanish and played lots of games with these colours such as 'show me' and 'sequence the colours'. We then added more colours and played BINGO!


Spanish Instructions

 We explored learning Spanish classroom instructions and tested each other to check everyone knew what they meant!


Music - Glokenspiel

During music, we have learnt to play simple tunes on the glokenspiel.


Spanish - Introducing Ourselves

 To start our Spanish learning, we learnt how to introduce ourselves.

RE - The Story of Creation

In RE, we learnt about the story of creation and used drama to explore the story.


Mayan Sculpture

As part of our topic on the Maya, we looked at how sculpture was used to tell stories and important messages. We created our own in this style using clay.


Mayan Games

The Mayans played a game very similar to football/basketball called Pok-ta-Pok. We learnt the rules and tried to play the game. It was very tricky!


Science - Bones and Muscles

As part of our science unit on 'Animals Including Humans', we learnt about the skeleton and the 'job' for all the different bones in our bodies. We also learnt about muscles and made our own moving 'arm'.


Zones of Regulation

We started the year by recapping the zones of regulation, which emotion was in which zones and why. We had great fun showing how we might express these emotions and playing BINGO!


Science - Zoo2u

 Zoo2u visited us with a selection of animals. We learnt how their bodies helped them to move and how the bones protected their organs. It was very interesting!

Safer Internet Day

For safer internet day we looked at ways to stay online and what we can do to help us. We then made our own pledge to stay safe when we use the internet! 

Santa Dash

Meeting Korky Paul

Year 3 met the illustrator Korky Paul on a zoom meeting through the Tameside Library Ready Steady Read event. The children had an amazing time and created their own pieces of art work with Korky!

Science - Properties of Rocks

During our science unit on rocks, we carried out a series of experiments to identify the different properties of the different rocks. We all had a great time!

RE - Shrove Tuesday

On Shrove Tuesday, we learnt about the meaning for Christians and shared pancakes, thinking about their significance.

Chester - The Roman Experience

Year 3 went on a trip to the Dewa Roman Experience Museum in Chester. We chanted through the streets of Chester and experienced what life was like as Roman soldier. We also had a walk round the museum and got to see all the amazing things that the Romans did. It was a great day! We had so much fun!

Visit to Droylsden Library

Year 3 visited the new local library where they learned about how the books are organised in the children’s section. They were also able to look through the shelves at all the fantastic books available and some children even borrowed a book of their choice.