Year 3 Gallery

Children's Mental Health Week

History and DT - Mayan Hot Chocolate
For our DT lesson we made Mayan hot chocolate. We had learned that the Mayans added spices to their chocolate drink so we decided to add some chilli powder and cinnamon to ours. We worked together to create our drink then we evaluated the process and finally we wrote our own instructions on how to make a Mayan hot chocolate. 
History and Art - Mayan Art Work
Year 3 have been working closely with Miss Chesney in their art lessons to create a Mayan style mask. These masks would be worn by the Mayans to be worn for special events such as weddings and birth ceremonies. They used amazing designs with bright vibrant colours painted onto wooden surfaces. 
Science - Animal Magic
Year 3 enjoyed a visit from Animal Magic where they got to handle lots of different animals, such as owls, snakes and even scorpions! This linked in really nicely for the start of our Science topic (Animals including Humans) where we will be looking closely at the different skeletons on animals.
History and Maths - Mayan Counting
Year 3 learned about the Mayan counting system. We found out it was very advanced for their time. They used objects like pebbles, sticks and shells to represent 1, 5 and 0. We worked in pairs to solve the numbers and the number sentences.