Year 2 Gallery

English - Story Writing

Year 2 have been reading Perfectly Norman and retelling the story in their own words.  Everyone has worked so hard and produced some amazing writing. 


DT - Spring Rolls

Before Christmas the children made Spring Rolls from scratch using lots of Design and Technology cooking skills like slicing, cutting, combining ingredients and folding pastry.  These are some photographs of us making them, the final product and us even trying them.  

Science - Habitats
As part of their habitats topic, Year 2 took a walk around Droylsden looking for all the local physical and human features. They took the class meerkat pet around with them, showing them places like the cenotaph, local shops and Droylsden Town Center.  They were really well behaved and represented Greenside perfectly.  

Minin First Aid

Year 2 had a visit from the Mini First Aid team who taught them how to administer the basics in first aid.  They learned how to clean and apply a plaster to a cut, what to do if they bumped their head, who to call in an emergency and what details to give and how to put someone into the recovery position.  Fun was had by all. 



Year 2 have learnt lots this half term in chess. Their skills are really improving and they enjoy learning about all the pieces and how they move.


Science - Meerkats

Last week 2TH went on a school trip to Smithills Farm in Bolton to meet lots of different animals for their topic this half term.  They had a great time riding on donkeys, stroking llamas and alpacas, holding rabbits and chicks and they got to see cows being milked and feed llamas and sheep.  The day ended with a meerkat talk learning lots about what they like to eat and how they look out for each other.  A great day was had by everyone.