Year 2 Gallery

Christmas RE Day

In year 2, we have been finding out about the annunciation.  We found out how angels are part of the Christmas story and discussed how Mary would have felt when the angel appeared in front of her.

World Cup
Today, 2KS celebrated the World Cup by finding out about our chosen country: Denmark.  We found out that Lego was first created in Denmark so took the opportunity to create our own football stadiums from Lego.

Music - Call and Response

In our music this half term we have been learning about West African call and response songs linked to animals. We used instruments to represent animals, copied rhythms and learned traditional Ghanaian call and response songs. 

PSHE - Tangram

Today we discussed what the word ‘cooperate’ means and what its role is in teamwork.  We explored the importance of working together and cooperating with others and thought about the skills that we need whist doing this.  We then practised these skills when we tried to complete a Tangram puzzle together. 

Local Area Walk
Today we went on a walk around our local area to link in with our current topic.  We took our meerkats along with us to show them what it is like where we live.  The meerkats were very happy that it didn't rain.

DT - Making Spring Rolls

Year 2 have been busy making spring rolls.  During this, we used cutting and mixing skills and also had to work well with our partner.  We enjoyed making them. Most of us had a try of them once they had been cooked although I think we enjoyed making them more than we did eating them!

Art - Meerkat Mail
In our topic, we have been reading the book Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett.  We have created our own artwork based on this book by tracing an image and then painting.

Remembrance Planting

As a school, we have created a Remembrance Garden in memory of the late Queen Elizabeth II. We have planted lots of spring bulbs and a beautiful Queen Elizabeth rose in her memory.

Science - Habitats - Animal Experience

Year 2 enjoyed meeting and cuddling a real-life Meerkat during the visit from Animal Magic last week. Jabba the meerkat was happy to be passed around the group and even wanted kisses off the children. They also got to hold a giant millipede, giant African snail and stroked an owl during the visit. The children were brilliantly behaved and loved seeing unusual animals like scorpions and chameleons too. This helped all the children learn more about the habitats and adaptations of meerkats and other animals for their science lessons.