Year 1 Gallery

DT - Fruit Kebabs

We have done lots of amazing design & technology projects, most recently, making pancakes, which were delicious. Our favourite food project has been designing, shopping for and making fruit kebabs. We started by tasting lots of different fruit and deciding if we liked it or not. We used adjectives to describe the colour, smell, taste and texture of the fruits. We decided on our 5 favourite fruits and went shopping for these at our local Tesco. We spent lots of time designing a fruit repeated pattern and finally made them. They were delicious and also very healthy!

Art - Mammals

As part of their topic, the children explored drawing cats and dogs using detailed tonal drawings. These were then enhanced by using acrylic paint and oil pastels. This work was based on the work by Sally Muir and 'a dog a day'.


World Book Day Dioramas

To celebrate World Book Day, we looked at how we could use one of our favourite books - Supertato - to create dioramas.


English - Supertato Speech

Year 1 have been reading the text Supertato by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. We have been thinking about what the characters might say and wrote our ideas down in speech bubbles using exclamation marks and question marks.