Year 1 Gallery

PSHE - Planting Bulbs

As a school, we have created a Remembrance Garden in memory of the late Queen Elizabeth II. We have planted lots of spring bulbs and a beautiful Queen Elizabeth rose in her memory.

DT - Fruit Kebabs!

We have really enjoyed Design and Technology in Year 1 this half term. We have been making fruit kebabs! We started by tasting fruit, the children were developing their vocabulary and learning using adjectives to describe the fruit. The children were also developing life skills of preparing food and understanding hygiene. We then voted on our class favourites. We designed what our kebabs would look like, using a repeated pattern. Then we made the kebabs – this was the best part! Once we had eaten them, we reflected on the process and evaluated the work we had done. We discussed what had gone well and what we would change if we did it again. Our next job is to write instructions for making fruit kebabs so other people can enjoy making and eating them. 

Children in Need

On Friday 18th November we came to school dressed in our pyjamas to raise money for disadvantaged children and young people around the UK. We had a very cosy and comfortable day, and we raised lots of money!


We visited Church for our annual Harvest festival celebration. Year 1 performed a song, here are the words and some pictures from our performance:

The farmer plants the seeds, the farmer plants the seeds,   

Hi, Ho, the dairy-o, the farmer plants the seeds. 

The sun comes out to shine, the sun comes out to shine, 

Hi, Ho, the dairy-o, the sun comes out to shine. 

                The rain begins to fall, the rain begins to fall,                 

 Hi, Ho, the dairy-o, the rain begins to fall. 

           The seeds begin to grow, the seeds begin to grow,           

Hi, Ho, the dairy-o the seeds begin to grow. 

           The vegetables are here, the vegetables are here,             

Hi, Ho, the dairy-o the vegetables are here. 

          The farmer digs them up, the farmer digs them up           

Hi, Ho, the dairy-o the farmer digs them up.

Now it’s time to eat, yes now it’s time to eat 

Hi, Ho, the dairy-o now it’s time to eat!