EYFS 1 Gallery

Lunar New Year

We learned about the Lunar New Year and how people all over the world, and especially in China celebrate it. We read lots of stories about nasty dragons and animals doing a swimming race for the Emperor. We watched some videos about how people celebrate and we saw a dragon parade with loud crashing bashing music. We decided to make our own dragon and Lion head and do our own parade and entertained some of the bigger children in school.

Remembrance Planting

As a school, we have created a Remembrance Garden in memory of the late Queen Elizabeth II. We have planted lots of spring bulbs and a beautiful Queen Elizabeth rose in her memory.

Santa Dash

Nursery have taken part in this years Santa dash. We wore Santa hats and Reindeer antlers to run around the cones in the big children’s playground. We ran for ages! Mr Ellis put some Christmas music on as well. It was lots of fun.

World Cup

On Monday England had their first World Cup match in a country very far away. We found England and looked for Qatar on our class map! Then we made England Flags to wave as we watched our team win!

Topic - Celebrations

This week, as part of our topic on celebrations, we were invited to The Scarecrows Wedding. We shared the story,  had a go at writing all the things the scarecrows needed for their wedding. Then we learned about the promise that people make to get married. We even dressed up as people getting married. It was good fun.


We celebrated Halloween in Nursery by coming to school dressed up as spooky characters. Then we practiced getting changed into different costumes all by ourselves. We also made lots of spooky bats and spiders from different materials in our workshop.

Children’s Mental Health Week

Nursery have been learning about how to keep our minds healthy in Children’s Mental Health Week. We learned about a part of our brain called the amygdala that helps to keep us safe. We call it our superhero! Sometimes it makes us cry, sometimes it makes us want to run away.

We learned about how Percy the penguin keeps safe while using the internet on his tablet, his mummy told him, “Before you tap and click, Stop and think and tell someone”. We made some actions to help us remember what to do.

The Children’s Mental Health charity do a Wear Something Green day to raise money, because their colour is green. But so is Greenside’s so On Friday we came in anything but green! Some of us even came as superheroes like the part of the brain we’ve been learning about!

Children In Need

We’ve been celebrating Children In Need this week by coming to school in our Pyjamas to raise money for the charity. We also had a go at making our own Pudsey ears from different materials in our workshop.

PSHE - Anti-Bullying Week

We started Antibullying Week this year by coming to school in odd socks and shoes. This is to celebrate how different and unique we all are. We also sang ‘You got a Friend in me’ from Toy Story because the words are all about being friends. Then we read the story Elmer the elephant. He was very unique, but didn’t realise this was a good thing at first!

Mental Health.

We all came to school in our favourite clothes to show the things we like.

Gross Motor Skills - Riding Trikes

We have been using our big muscles to practice using pedals on the trikes.