EYFS2 Gallery

The Nativity

This year, Reception performed 'Whoopsie Daisy Angel'. The children worked so hard practicing their lines and the songs. They really enjoyed performing for the school and their grown-ups and made everyone very proud! Well done Reception.

Remembrance day

For Remembrance Day, we discussed what we remember every year on the eleventh day of the eleventh month. We spoke about why we wear poppies on our clothes and found out that they grew on the fields where the soldiers once fought. We were very proud to take part in the silence at eleven o’clock and took this time to think about how lucky we are and to think about the soldiers that fought for our country. We painted a poppy field by printing flower shapes using different materials. We also did some observational art by looking at some poppies and then painting them.

Pumpkin Soup

As part of our Autumn topic, we read the story ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper. We looked at a set of instructions about how to make pumpkin soup and discussed what the ingredients were and how to make it. Finally, we tasted some homemade pumpkin soup! Some children said that it was delicious, but others thought that it was yucky!


During the first half term, our topic was Autumn. We read the story ‘Leaf Man’ and created our very own leaf men using loose parts and real Autumn leaves that we found in our playground. We discussed that we celebrate Harvest and Halloween during Autumn. We found out that during Autumn, the leaves turn yellow, orange, red and brown, and that they fall off the trees. We created our own Autumn collages for Harvest, using Autumn colours.


During our first week at school, we created some self portraits. We discussed how we all look different to each other, but also how some people have similar features (for example, brown eyes). We looked in the  mirror to identify which colours we needed for our hair, skin and eyes, and to know how to paint our different features. Take a look!

Christmas Maths

We have enjoyed learning about 2D shapes. We described the properties of the shapes and even went on a shape hunt in our classroom. We then used our knowledge to decorate a Christmas Tree.

Children in Need

We learned that BBC Children in Need is a charity that helps children all over the UK to keep children safe and happy. Pudsey Bear is a very special friend to BBC Children in Need. Pudsey Bear loves to see everyone having fun and helping to raise   money. For Children in Need day, the children in our school dressed up in their pyjamas to raise money. This money is all used to make children’s lives better and happier. We painted some spots on Pudsey’s bandanna, completed a colour by number Pudsey and designed some cakes that could be sold to raise money for Children in Need. We also did a dance with Pudsey which was lots of fun!


During the Autumn Term, we learnt about Diwali; the Hindu festival of light. We learned all about the story of Rama and Sita, and enjoyed writing about them in Literacy. We made Diwali cards, created our own Mendhi and Rangoli patterns, and even made diva lamps! We looked at a recipe to make salt dough and then followed the instructions. We had to roll, pinch and squash the salt dough to make a diva lamp shape. We then painted our diva lamps in bright colours and added some glitter.


On the last day of the half term, we had a Halloween party in our classroom! We all dressed up as something spooky and had a fantastic time dancing with our friends. We created our own pumpkin treats to take home and to share with our grown-ups.

Elmer- we are all unique:

Our topic during Autumn 1 is ‘all about me’. We have been discussing how we are all unique and that nobody is the same. We talked about what makes us special, what talents we have and what things we like as all of these things make us who we are. We have been reading the Elmer story and spoke about how Elmer is different to all of the other elephants because he is patchwork. We created our very own patchwork people to represent that we are all different, as each design is unique.