Art Week 2022

We decided to appreciate Art of other cultures for our Art week and were delighted to welcome The Drum Roots African drum band into our school to showcase their instruments & unique sound!

We learnt to sing in African, the names of all the instruments and then we all had a fantastic time dancing to the music.

 The countries we looked at were: Spain, The Ukraine, India, Africa and to celebrate The Platinum Jubilee we made illustrated Bunting to decorate our playground for our street party on the last day .

We were so lucky to have an amazing menu that reflected the food of each country during this week.

Please find a selection of our Art work here & a wider selection of our Artwork can be found on our Gallery, Art Club & competition winners pages.

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Well done talented Greenside Artists & thankyou to all our lovely teachers who worked so hard to do this at the end of a very busy term!

Art Week 2022

Art Day 2021

We used the theme of Journeys to compliment our Reading Miles Passport.

Each class drew a city inspired by the work of The Urban Sketchers, we then returned home to Manchester and made some of our drawings into 3D models.

Visiting Artist - Elana Warburton

Visiting Artist Elana Warburton made large scale mural paintings in The Library based on the children’s favourite poems & The Sunflowers classroom as a place for children to have quiet time.

Celebrations - Nursery

Nursery made natural form mixed media work that was made into handmade paper dresses. They looked at 1950’s textiles as inspiration.

On the theme of Celebrations Nursery made large scale collaborative birthday cakes using paint & mixed media collage to decorate

Nursery worked on large scale mark making as a group at the beginning of the year. This was developed into painting & collage and Miss Dobb joined in with some foot printing!!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Reception

Reception - We made a large-scale Butterfly as we were reading & writing about The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

We tried out lots of things such as: Brusho watercolour inks, sparkly collage materials & PVA glue to make our paint shiny.

We then recycled egg boxes to make our very own Hungry Caterpillars decorating them with paint, pom poms, and glitter with a final touch of pipe cleaner antennae.

Sonia Delauney - Reception

For Art week we looked at Ukranian born artist Sonia Delauney who used shape to make her brightly coloured abstract work.

We painted recycled papers a variety of colours before drawing around shapes on top of them. We then cut our shapes out to assemble our Sonia Delauney style collages.

April Coppini - Sunflowers

Sunflowers made traditional Indian pattern into paintings on wooden flowers. They carefully traced the designs then used acrylic paint and finally fine liners to refine their work.

The theme of Farmyard animals linked to the work of American Artist April Coppini.

We made prints that were enlarged & stained with gravy browning, adding detail & tone with chalks, charcoal & sanguine.

To link with our Zones of regulation practice we looked at Hungarian artist Ilka Gedo who made mood boards to help her start painting when she was struggling for inspiration.

We used fabrics & collage materials with acrylic paint and scratched in words that linked to our Zones to express how we were feeling.

Art at A Place of Welcome, St. Martin's

The children at Greenside regularly attend a place of welcome which is held at St. Martin's each week. Here are some photos of the art work the children take part in with members of the community.

Emilio Pucci/ 1960’s Fashion Design - Year 1

Year 1 used fashion designer Emilio Pucci as inspiration to make pattern for textiles.

They identified colours used in his work and this was printed large scale onto fabric & stretched onto a frame.

Robert Rauschenberg - Year 1

Children were studying the major events of the 1960’s and used vintage photographs of iconic 1960’s figures to collage together. Paint was then dripped in the style of our chosen Artist.

The work was presented on a large scale canvas.

Jubilee Bunting - Year 1

Year one made illustrations to make Bunting celebrating the Platinum Jubilee.

They used photographs spanning The Queen’s life from as a child through to her becoming Queen.

The drawings were developed into colour to make into bunting using a stencil to draw around.

Year 2

Indian inspired printmaking leading to colour work & Handmade Indian mirrors


 The Tear Thief

Year 2 completed some art work based on a text they had been using in their writing lessons called The Tear Thief.

African Masks - Year 3

African pattern studies in the sketchbook led to constructing 3D masks using cardboard and elements of relief.

The masks were painted using acrylic paint to show an understanding of traditional African masks.

Intaglio Print Making - Year 4

Intaglio print making using quick print technique looking at African pattern. Printing onto brown paper to build up repeat pattern and onto large scale collaborative fabric pieces.

Ancient Greek Mixed Media Drawings -Year 5 

Year 5 looked at Spanish Artists Picasso, & Salvador Dali to make exploratory sketches in a variety of materials before making larger paintings.

They looked at Guernica by Picasso, The Metamorphosis of Narcissus by Dali and the Saltambique travelling Family by Picasso

John Piper - Year 5

Year 6

Art in the Environment

Visiting Artist - Rebecca Palmer