Spring One PE 2021

Sunflower PE

In Sunflowers we have been spending some time working on team building an OAA games. In one of the sessions we worked together to get different pieces of equipment to create a snowman while moving in different active ways.

Year One 

In year one we have been working on target games. This involved several skills such as rolling, throwing and kicking and we also showed off different techniques at once in our skills carousel


Year Two

In Year Two we were working on net and wall games skills. This involved some of the skills used to play tennis, dodgeball and volleyball such as sending and receiving, throwing and  catching.

Year Three

In addition to their normal PE sessions where children were working on football year 3 have also been doing weekly sessions of active maths!



Year Four

In year 4 we have been working on hockey. We worked on Indian dribbling, shooting and playing small sided games.  

Year Five

Year 5 have been working on basketball throughout spring 1 term. They have been dribbling, shooting and passing before playing adapted games. We have also been discussing different attacking and defending tactics.


Year Six

In year 6 we have been playing tag rugby. We started off by working on ball handling, dodging and tackling skills before moving onto defending by taking tags. Each lesson we then put these into games.