Spring 2 PE 2021


Sunflowers have been working on hockey, practising dribbling and passing through gates, shooting at targets as well as how to use equipment safely!


Year One 

In year One we were working on object manipulation throughout the spring term. This worked on things like dribbling and trapping a football, catching and saving a ball and dribbling using hands. We also used these skills in small fun games.



Year Two

In year 2 we were working on target games, working as a team an individuals to aim at a target by throwing, rolling kicking and sending with an object. We also worked as teams to develop tactics to win games.

Year Three

In year 3 we worked on netball skills throughout the half term. This involved passing, pivoting, shooting as well as getting to grips with the rules and positions involved in high 5 netball.

Year Four

In year 4 we have been working on football skills. As well as playing small sided games we have been working on accurate passing and shooting as well as tactics for attacking and defending and finding space.

Year Five

Year 5 have been working through tag rugby outside and indoors they have been doing dance through the ages. This has involved putting together different dance styles from throughout the decades such as Charleston, jive, rock and roll and disco.


Year Six 

Year 6 have been working on handball in their outdoor PE throughout the spring 2 term. This has involved practising shooting, dribbling as well as quick passing to create attacking opportunities. We have also worked on defenders closing down space.