Autumn One PE 2020/21

Reception PE Autumn 1

Reception have been having their first ever PE sessions at Greenside. They have been working on moving in different ways, balancing as well as improving their listening skills.

Year One PE Autumn 1

In Year One PE we are working on fundamental movement skills such as running, jumping, skipping and hopping. We have worked on moving at different speeds and play fun games  that involve team work and good listening skills.

Year Two PE Autumn 2

In our Year Two lessons we are building on our fundamental movement skills that we did in year 1. We are working on areas such as ball control and manipulation, playing small games and sending and receiving balls and objects.

Sunflower PE

Sunflower class have PE twice per week with Mr Ellis as well as swimming on a Wednesday. In PE they have been working on fun games that work on skills such as balance, jumping and throwing with accuracy as well as having a go at sports such as Boccia and Cool Kurling.


Year Three PE Autumn 1

Year Three have been working on sprinting, and have been focusing on getting the correct technique while performing fun relays and races

Year Four PE Autumn 1

In Year 4 we are working on athletics in Autumn 1. We Began by focusing on sprinting and how to perform a sprint start. We then moved onto the transition to running fast by lifting our head up and pumping our arms and legs to go faster.

Year 5 PE Autumn 1

Year 5 have also been working on athletics. They have been working on sprinting and getting the correct technique, including work on stride length and correct body positions. We also discussed the importance of warming up well and how to create fun and enjoyable warm ups.


Year 6 PE Autumn 1

Year 6 began their topic on athletics by working hard on improving their sprint speed. We worked on how to accelerate through transitions, how to break down a sprint race into sections and how to finish strongly.