Autumn 2 PE 2020

Year One Athletics

Throughout the Autumn term Year One have been focusing on Athletics, taking part in a different area each week. We have worked on throwing for accuracy and distance, fast sprinting games and jumping. MC said "I loved doing the running games the best and when we had to jump for the letters in our name"

Year Two Athletics

Year Two were also focusing on athletics and built on the knowledge they gathered in year one by taking on new challenges such as running over hurdles and throwing the javelin. IM said " I really enjoyed having a go at the Javelin and playing the battleships game with them"

Year 3 Target Games

Year 3 worked on their target throwing games in the run up to Christmas. They used various different objects to throw and took part in fun games that also involved team work and creativity. An example of this was the snowman race where children had to build up a snowman then move him along the track by throwing accurately. JP said "It was really fun playing the game and I improved throwing over and under arm"

Year 4 Tennis

Year 4 had some fantastic tennis sessions on the run up to Christmas. We started off with playing hand tennis before moving on to using the racquet. After building up their skills in the last week we had a mini Wimbledon competition with the children playing lots of games against each other, having some great rallies in the process. EC said "Playing tennis was really fun and I got lots better over the weeks we played"

Year 5 Handball

Mr Pownall and Dave from Stockport County were very impressed by year 5's improvement across the term. They worked on Handball techniques such as dribbling. passing and shooting and by the end of term were playing some fast free flowing games. MPB said " Handball was really fun and was quite similar to football in the way we played!"

Year 6 Lacrosse

Lacrosse is always a great game to pick up and learn and year 6 really enjoyed it. We started off by learning how to cradle the ball, progressed to passing then did some shooting at targets. By the end of term we were playing games which showed off the progress. BW  said "I went to the lacrosse competition last year and it was really fun to do it again in PE this year!"