After School Clubs 2020-21



After School Clubs Monday-Friday

After such a long time away the end of Spring Two and start of Summer One term finally allowed us to bring back after school clubs! We have been able to offer After School Clubs to everyone class from year 1-5 across the week with one class with Mr Ellis and the other with Mr Hobson. Each week we vary the sport and activity and get children's suggestions on what they would like to do. In the first few weeks we have already covered Dodgeball, Danish Longball, Football, Cricket and a multi-skills circuit.

Year 6 Dodgeball Club

Every morning we take a different group of 8 year 6's before school to play dodgeball. They work together as team's to dodge, dip, dive duck and dodge while getting active.



Year 5 Dodgeball

Continuing the dodgeball theme we have different groups of year 5's who love playing dodgeball outside at dinnertimes from Monday to Thursday. We are now seeing high quality throwing, catching and dodging.